How does a Pressure Washer Work

Each and every machine has its own style and method of working. The process of working vary machine to machine, some of them are very critical to understand. As a new user we need to know the basic process of a pressure washer’s work so that we can identify the problem of our machine. Apart from the very technical matters a pressure washer follows a set of working instructions. The instructions are given below:

Power Source: Most of the modern machines take their power either from electricity or from fuel. Pressure washers also use these two sources; some use electricity and some use fuel to run the device. Using the power the machine runs a four stroke engine that spins a part inside the engine.

pressure washer work

The Engine: The work of the engine is to create the pressure. Not all the types of engines can create the same kind of pressure. The engine creates pressure on the pump which is attached to the water source by a garden water hose. According to the pressure created by the engine, the pump serves the water flow. The power of an engine is measured by PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

The Pump: Generally a pump has two pipes; through one of them it takes the water inside it and sends outside using the other pipe. With a garden hose it attaches itself with the water source and takes water. Through the high pressure hose it sends the water outside with a high pressure. The amount of water a pump can send outside is measured by GPM (Gallon Per Minute).

Spray Gun: This is not actually a gun to fire bullet, it is a gun to throw water. The spray gun is attached to the high pressure hose which is attached to the pump. At the tip of the gun there is a nozzle attached that decides what kind of water flow it is going to provide. The water comes out through the nozzles with immense force that hits the dirt on a surface.

When you use a pressure washer you should know all the parts of your machine. If you see that the machine is not working or not giving proper service you must check all the above components. If you can find out the problems than you don’t have to go to an expert, you yourself can solve your problem.


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